Tuesday, April 30, 2013

March 26th 2005

On March 26th 2005 I was run off the road by an aggressive driver who took off and was never caught a week before my 21st birthday.

My car flipped several times and the roof collapsed braking my neck and leaving me paralyzed.

I was air lifted to Lee Memorial Hospital by Medstar I woke up in the Emergency Room with my mom by my side. I knew I was paralyzed I looked at her and said I'm sorry your going to have to take care of me the rest of your life. In which she replied that's what Mommy's and Daddy's do.

I was diagnosed with a Incomplete C5/6 Spinal Cord Injury, Paralyzed from the chest able to use my arms but no use of my fingers or my legs.

I had to learn everything all over again. How to brush my hair,brush my teeth and eat using a hand brace things most people take for granted.

Of course there where moments of frustration, moments of complete fear that I'd never have the life I was dreaming of from a chair but I would never loose sight of my vision for my life.

I spent 48 days in the hospital, mostly learning how to live with what I had but was determined to walk again and live as normal as possible. I was determined I would not let this injury define me.

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